“Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them” Santayana

Dear Visitors of all ages,

This is a web site about the experiences of the men and women of the 120th Evacuation Hospital in 1945. This web site also examines how the years beyond 1945 might effect your life in some way, as it has so many millions in the past decades.

As you browse this web site do not think. "This couldn't happen again. This couldn't happen here". What can you do to help prevent it from happening?
Here is what can you do! 
Where do you want to start? Click on your choice! To read about the present (and Beyond!) and what you can do, click on the education section. To read about Buchenwald past events, click on the archives section.

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The burden, the lesson and the challenge of the holocaust rests with all of  us, especially you,  and is what this website is all about. We must remember, and  learn from the past; our past and your past.  We must learn how indifference has impacted  the lives of so many in the past, and even to the present.  

Whenever any nation looks to a charismatic leader, trusting  his success blindly, what has happened before, elsewhere, could happen again, and  could happen here in  our country, whenever people follow the crowd without thinking for themselves.

indifference to human suffering, human indignity, human inequity.
Show feeling, empathy.  Care about your  future. Get involved with others; you’ll be amazed how great it feels to work together in a community to bring change! If something is wrong in your school, in your community, in your nation, or in your world, do something. Question everything and draw your own conclusions. Beware of apathy. Fight indifference  Think for yourself.

Good luck, and good viewing.  Let’s hear from you if you have questions, or suggestions. Our sincere hope for all of you from all of us Veterans of WWII is this: have a great life and a happy future!  You can, you must make it so! 

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